1. Treat yourself with fragrant soaps.
  2. Trim candle wicks for an even burn.
  3. Position a robe, slippers, fresh linens and towel in a guest room and don't forget a nice book.
  4. Plastic containers are really a no-no on the table.
  5. Do not drink wine from paper cups.
  6. Furniture with storage is a plus.
  7. Color adds character.
  8. Relish family antiques. Not everyone is lucky enough to have them.
  9. Keep a journal next to your bed.
  10. Pewter does not need to be polished.
  11. Contrast is king.
  12. It's all about balance.
  13. Cluster frames and mirrors together.
  14. Paint a chalkboard wall.
  15. Frame your children's artwork.
  16. Antiques tell stories.
  17. Mother Nature is the original decorator, sticks and stones and interesting bones!
  18. Ottomans with a tray double as a coffee table.
  19. Fresh flowers are always in style.
  20. Use a cutting board as a cheese and fruit tray.
  21. Large pillows on the floor create additional seating.
  22. Mix old with new on the table.
  24. Own a signature handbag.
  25. Displaying items in 3's is best as it represents the union of Mind, Body and Spirit.
  26. Old is New Again.
  27. Black is Back.
  28. If in doubt, Paint It.
  29. Mirrors make a room look larger.
  30. Details - Do make a Difference.
  31. Wood adds warmth.
  32. Layer different textures of similar colors.
  33. Chandeliers are never out of fashion
  34. Cluttered environments make cluttered minds.
  35. Leopard print is a seasonless basic.
  36. Create visual flow.
  37. White bathrooms communicate cleanliness.
  38. There are over 200 shades of White.
  39. A stylish mailbox increases curb appeal.
  40. Cashmere is seasonless.
  41. Own one drama piece.
  42. China and Crystal are for everyday use, leave them out and show them off.
  43. Pillows are to the room what shoes are to the outfit.
  44. If you are storing it, you may not need it. Out of Sight, Out of Mind.
  45. Live in your home, it's not a museum.
  46. High thread count sheets are well worth it.
  47. Must have: A Beautiful Bud Vase
  48. Must have: A Delicate Sugar and Creamer Set.
  49. Must have: Great Steak Knives.
  50. Offset a low coffee table with three tall items.
  51. Position a floor or table lamp next to a comfortable chair.
  52. Buy a paperweight for a gift, it will always remind them of you.
  53. Zebra print works in nearly every decorating situation.
  54. Simple is not always better, go with what you feel.
  55. The first impression of your home is the front entrance.
  56. Eclectic collections succeed when elements are commonly linked.
  57. Team raw materials in sophisticated form.
  58. Warm colors make the room appear smaller yet cozier.
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  60. Cool colors make the room appear larger and crisp.
  61. Take 24 hours to determine a paint color.  View in day, evening and with task lighting in your home.
  62. Old store fixtures and display cases showcase and store your collections nicely.
  63. Repurpose old objects by using them in new ways.
  64. Patiently build and define your homes style. Don't rush it, it will come.  (I love this tip!)
  65. Proportion is all about scale.
  66. Furniture and objects should be proportional to the room they are in.
  67. Mosaic is an ancient form of a figurative pattern of stone, glass, or clay.
  68. A conversation grouping is composed of a sofa, coffee table and two or more chairs.
  69. Mix and match your dining room chairs.
  70. For easy storage, install decorative wall hooks.
  71. Rooms should have a combination of primary and background lighting.
  72. Hang a chandelier from a pulley to change the height and ambience.
  73. Scale a lampshade so that it covers the hardware and does not overwhelm the base.
  74. Matte paint covers flaws in your walls but is harder to clean.
  75. Eggshell finished paint is the most popular for walls.
  76. Semi Gloss paint is the easiest to clean and practical for kitchens and baths - but- remember, it does show all the flaws!  You can also use Semi Gloss for textured ceilings if you really want that texture to POP!
  77. Polka dots in any size adds a splash of fun.
  78. Dry split peas, kidney beans, and black eyed peas look great in glass containers for a splash of color.
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  80. To compose a wall photo grouping, first practice the arrangement on the floor.  Another option is to cut out the same shapes and tape them gently on the wall for the true placement.
  81. Organize your photos-You’ll feel great.
  82. Try a dresser as a buffet in the dining room to store table linens.  Paint it if needed.
  83. Increase your decorating options by buying reversible pillows and quilts.
  84. Frame large pieces or wallpaper or wrapping paper to add artwork to a wall or as a background for a print.
  85. Try bedding as a quick fix slipcover on a used sofa or a chair.  Might get you out of a bind.
  86. A vintage ladder will double as a towel or blanket display in a bath or bedroom.
  87. Stacked vintage luggage provides an interesting storage solution when used as an end table.
  88. Form follows function.
  89. Back an old frame with cork and make a decorative bulletin board.
  90. Clothesline and clothes pins against a wall are a great way to display cards and photos.
  91. Try a vintage post office box or hotel key fixture as a wine rack.
  92. Move things around, the room will feel fresh and new.
  93. A thicker branch or broom handle is an inexpensive curtain rod.  Remember to bring the outdoors in.
  94. Fly a flag.
  95. Feng Shue 101: Create harmony and balance with the 5 elements.
  96. Avoid mirrors with splits or seams, reflective images should be whole.
  97. Treat yourself well.
  98. Support local markets.
  99. A dog in the house makes it a home.
  100. If you can’t fix it, paint it!
  101. If you picnic, pack candelabra.
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  103. Spend money on rooms in which you spend the most time.
  104. Buy antiques promote recycling.
  105. Natural light provides positive energy.
  106. Chandeliers in the powder room are very chic.
  107. Cluster three hanging lights.
  108. Try large artwork on the floor leaned against a wall, mirrors work too.
  109. Place items on the mantle at three heights.
  110. Identify the room’s focal point and enhance it.
  111. The art of the cluster:  Group like items.
  112. White and ivory are perfectly paired.
  113. Dress your bed with at least three decorative pillows.
  114. Monogram and instant sophistication.
  115. Old frames can become great mirrors.
  116. Buy student artwork instead of reproduction prints.  Love the textured ones.
  117. Hang plates on the wall.
  118. You never feel alone in a home with a chiming clock or a cuckoo clock.
  119. No wire hangers.
  120. Dull knives are exactly that.
  121. Covering it with a cloche’ makes it special.
  122. Black and white always work.
  123. Use your fine china.  You will feel special.
  124. Try artwork in the kitchen.
  125. Paint the inside of your old cabinets a bright cheerful color, you will feel good every time you open them.
  126. When you’re not wearing your cashmere shawl, let the chair or sofa wear it.
  127. Cowboy boots are a classic.
  128. Elegant preserves jars make the perfect hostess gift.
  129. Tuck a sachet into the linen closet.
  130. TO be individual and creative is far more important than being hip.
  131. Cooking is therapy.
  132. Create a space that is transformable.
  133. Do not be afraid of color.
  134. Have less but better furniture.
  135. Impose order
  136. Use materials that are easy to clean.
  137. Use dimmer switches to change the mood of lighting.
  138. Avoid sharp edges and sharp comments.
  139. Be emotionally connected to your possessions.  If you love them, they will love you back.
  140. Have less but make it more.
  141. Allow yourself to be inspired.
  142. Hand write noted on interesting stationary.
  143. Set the table beautifully.
  144. What we put out in the world is what will come back to us.
  145. Accentuate the assets.
  146. The smallest gesture can make someone’s day.
  147. Sameness is a waste.
  148. Your sunglasses should be as big as your personality.
  149. A great item should excite at least three of your senses.
  150. Design is problem solving.  Don’t see the obstacles, see the opportunities.
  151. Always look at things from a second angle.
  152. Position your desk to face the door.
  153. If you display a lot of photos, coordinate the frames.
  154. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed – (Is that good or bad?)  Either way, be sure you buy a great mattress.
  155. Walls are a huge canvas.
  156. Try buying vintage coats to upholster chair seats and stool, how’s that for unique?
  157. Breathe.  Focus.  Believe.
  158. There are no rules in decorating.
  159. Birds symbolize prosperity and fertility.
  160. Lamps with clear bases appear lighter than those with solid bases.
  161. It is always in style to recycle.
  162. Red walls increase appetite.
  163. Pale blue walls promote tranquility.
  164. A grasshopper in the houses is considered good luck.  (Try to find a decorative one and tuck it somewhere.)
  165. When finished with a meal, position utensils at 4 o’clock on your plate.
  166. A pair of lights on either side of a mirror adds interest.  Could use candle scones.
  167. Long earrings on a chunky necklace, never both.
  168. An interesting laptop bag just might land you that job.
  169. Do not let large scale intimidate you.
  170. Bring the outdoors indoors for every season.
  171. When layering necklaces, opt for 3 lengths approximately 1 – 2” in difference.
  172. Place a bedside carafe in a guest bedroom.
  173. Who says a night stand must be a “table”.
  174. Write it down or draw it out when the idea strikes you.
  175. Collect photo inspirations and file in a book or create a wall poster for your craft room.
  176. Frame a series of beautiful cards they make great little pictures you can use as “hole fillers”.
  177. Create a shadow box with your favorite small things: train tickets, maps, or currency.to comminserate an event or period of history.
  178. Wrap gifts in black and white newspaper or craft paper.
  179. Always travel with a shawl.  It doubles as a blanket, pillow, and a fashion accessory.
  180. A small lovely bag can be for cosmetics by day and an evening bag by night
  181. Gentlemen:  Treat yourself to a new wallet every two years.
  182. You can never have too many great smelling candles.  (Just don’t burn them all at once or we will be coming over to paint your ceilings!!)
  183. Mix fabrics: One shiny, one textured, one matte.
  184. If the seating is uncomfortable, put it in the mother in law suite!! (Just kidding Joan)!!
  185. An old bucket makes a great trashcan in a bathroom if you can pull off the look.
  186. To avoid paper cuts, own a stylish letter opener.
  187. Always carry a small tape measure.
  188. Buy three cards instead of one.  You will be prepared for the next occasion.
  189. Give names to inanimate objects such as cars and sculptures just for fun.
  190. If you want to keep it for yourself, buy two.
  191. Purchase and stash away host/hostess gifts such as tea infusers, wine stops and candles when you find a good deal.
  192. Use tissue box covers.
  193. Save jars with lids for buttons, nail, cotton squares, sugar, etc.
  194. Keep a guest book or blank journal in your guest room.
  195. Rotate your photos in frames once every year or two.
  196. A chandelier over a bed works with any ceiling height (as long as you don’t jump on the bed)
  197. Propose with an antique ring bearer box for extra points.
  198. If you are over 30, dispose of branded glassware from restaurants and theme parks.
  199. Adults have security blankets.  They are just cashmere or mohair.
  200. Treat yourself with fragrant, emollient products for the bath.
  201. For a quick exterior fix, update the look of the house numbers and check out the paint on the front door.
  202. Hardware such as door knobs, hinges and locks can be an important detail.  There are so many choices out there, shop for the unique and it will be noticed.
  203. Try dried flowers.
  204. Invest in hand knotted rugs.
  205. Own more than one cork screw.
  206. For easy outdoor seating, try a bail of hay, won't last forever but it works.
  207. Do Not hang your chandelier to high.
  208. Seasonal display: Fruit, gourds, pine cones, shells, stones, flowers, pumpkins or all colors and shapes.
  209. Learning is about opening your eyes to see the world around you.
  210. In the early 19th century, people considered rugs to valuable for the floor and draped them on tabletops or beds instead.
  211. Decorate small window sills with collected bottles, stones or shells - But - don't forget to dust them.
  212. Decor in even numbers signifies balance and stability. I like odd number displays myself, does that mean I am unbalanced and unstable? I hope not!!
  213. You need a signature bag.
  214. Fill a clear glass bowl, base or bottle with green peas, red, white or brown beans, whatever matches your decor. You could set a candle on top.
  215. I love a simple rug in the kitchen, something to warm your toes!
  216. Multiple lit votives guarantee ambiance.
  217. Try wheels on heavy furniture that you move frequently, but be sure they lock.
  218. Uncut crystals are a reminder of mother nature and symbolize stability and support.
  219. Try the library for a good book.
  220. Dog sculptures are perfectly trained and don't eat too much.
  221. Create book covers of old fabric or papers and use them to elevate your displays.
  222. The best way to keep our head above water is a deep soaking tub.
  223. Great gift for a traveler: Passport holder, travel candle and eye mask.
  224. You don't NEED knick knacks, you just want them! (me too!)
  225. Ambient lighting is key.
  226. Velvet and leather are classic.
  227. Try minimalism with a touch of rustic for a new spin.
  228. I love a brocade.
  229. Lavender pillow inserts induce sleep.
  230. Insomniacs: Remove the TV from your bedroom.
  231. Support craftsman, potters, artists, painters and the like.
  232. Every decorative artifact you own should have a meaning in your life.
  233. A sterling bell is fun to call for dinner.
  234. A European butter bell allows butter to sit fresh on a counter top.
  235. Clothes pins make great chip clips.
  236. Create a shrine honoring your pet.
  237. Once in a lifetime events begin with a table set with one of a kind pieces. Very memorable.
  238. Soft lighting casts romantic shadows.
  239. Thread your necklace chain through a plastic straw and clasp it to keep it from tangling when traveling.
  240. Keep one calendar and you won't miss appointments.
  241. Keep pictures hung at eye level.
  242. An organized house is a happy house.
  243. If you pay off your credit cards each month; you won't mind getting your mail everyday!
  244. You need window treatments to soften your room.
  245. When painting your trim, white is the most popular color.
  246. When hanging wallpaper, ALWAYS size the walls first!
  247. Have a garden tub? Put a large clear glass container filled with bars of unwrapped white soaps in the corner.
  248. Stencil your favorite phrase on the wall, it will inspire you everyday.
  249. Buy a label maker, You'll love it...
  250. Call Tami Neff Designs for all your painting and decorating needs.